Friday, December 23, 2011

Gender (sexual) hypocrisy and the society

Gender (Sexual) hypocrisy is one of bigger threats for the long time existence of human civilization. It is a huge obstruction for obtaining the natural goodness of sexuality. It generates stress in any community too.
            According to the hominid evolution sexuality is an important part that we must discuss about. Human sexuality is a powerful factor which is determining the way of establishing human civilization. That is why it is important that gender specifications and matching up male and female sex drives. Even though gender specifications are human creations, nature supports and promotes them. Because of they are accepting by the nature. Matching up male and female sexualities is an essential part of any culture, and within a culture there is an acceptable sexual lifestyle too. It must be natural as well.
            Family is the primary unit of any human civilization. The concept of family is based on natural order of sexuality and especially the sexual attraction between two sexes. The concepts of paternity and maternity are primarily based on sexual reproduction. And they are heavily depend on masculinity and the femininity which are determining by the gender based specifications and sexual characteristics. In any culture, parents rise their children up with gender specifications and also with a great responsibility of the children’s sexuality. All of responsible parents want their children to grow up in a heterosexual way. That is why fathers want their sons to be masculine and mothers want their daughters to be feminine. Generally all the men and women respect the acceptable sexual lifestyle and the natural sexuality. Any one who has natural feelings do not discredit the gender specifications and the nature of sexuality. In any culture there is a set of consents related to sexuality for protecting the acceptable sexual lifestyle which is natural. This is known as the sexual morality.
                   However when the gender hypocrisy comes out, some people are trying to assume them as better people by discrediting the natural sexuality. They are thinking that it is a part of morality and they think that they can show their virtue by doing so. This kind of people generally do not like to accept the real nature of sexuality, but they want to enjoy sex. This is hypocrisy and some of them have complicated sex desires. We must critically discuss about the hypocrisy of men and the hypocrisy of women too. People who are honestly accepting the natural order of sexuality are also accepting the gender specifications of their opposite sex. They build up their families with a set of consents which are based on sexuality and the gender specifications. The important feature is that parents orientate their children in a heterosexual way. But when it comes to hypocrisy, the hypocritical men do not accept the natural femininity of women. And hypocritical women do not accept men who are really masculine and natural male sexuality as well. All of us can see well that how some fathers rise their daughters up in their way without femininity. We can see also how they teach their daughters to deem that the natural male sexuality and male sex drive are obstructions for the progress of their lives. On the other hand we can see that hypocritical women are always opposing gender specifications and gender based categorizing of human activities while they are talking about the gender based violence and violence against women. Finally all of hypocrites are stealing words especially related to sexual offenses and sexual morality for covering up their hypocrisy. They are thinking that they are virtuous. But a situation like this blinds the whole society and drives the population towards a false virtue which is not actually helping to protect the society.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Negombo beach, Sri Lanka.

Negombo beach is another place where people can enjoy a lot; Negombo is situated in the western province of Sri Lanka.                                  

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Erectile dysfunction and the psychology

Today there is a considerable number of men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction in any society. The main factor of causing erectile dysfunction is not physical weakness. Psychological stress is basically causing this. Confused psychological status is the biggest reason behind it
                        There is a number of factors which are causing psychological stress and a complicated situation. First one is living environment of people is too much of artificial. An artificial environment which contains a less amount of natural property can build up an extra psychological stress. Second one is the social condition without gender specifications. Gender specifications are naturally generating a sexual attraction between two sexes and it keeps a healthy sex drive. Naturally both men and women like to identify their opposite sex with unique specifications. A social environment with more gender based specifications is very pleasant and not generating psychological stress. That is how when gender specifications become less, it is generating stress. Generally men like feminine women with feminine gender specifications in any society. Because of femininity of women is naturally corresponding to men’s masculinity. On the other hand non feminine women are sexually unpleasant and generating a huge pressure on men’s psyche. This is how women’s behavior affects on men’s sexuality. These sexually unpleasant things are directly causing men’s sexual dysfunction. The third fact is complicated social situation. Today in any country, the lifestyles are complicated. And the majority of populations are selfish. This kind of a situation is a major fact which is generating psychological stress. Because of there isn’t much of co-operation in the society and people have to struggle for maintaining their lifestyles. Today people have to face problems alone and struggle individually. Finally all of these things are causing to collapse the psychological fitness of men for being active sexually. No meaning of taking medicine without getting rid of the whole background of generating psychological stress. Until we are being honest and accept the true nature of sexuality we cannot get rid of this bad situation. This can be difficult to achieve, because of gender hypocrisy has already driven the society in a crazy manner. And it does not allow people to accept the real nature of sexuality.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nature and the politics

Nationalities and states were formed by people as a result of the progress of civilizations. A state or a country is a specific geographical area which has a unique environmental and weather condition. Within a country there is a unique method of resource utilization and setting up society by the people. That is how that unique population is creating a unique cultural environment.   
            Even today the agricultural lifestyle is more common in most of countries. Farming and animal husbandry are environmental friendly. Co-operation of the society was conspicuous and people considered the social responsibilities as essential things. In the past the political status of all countries were based on social responsibilities and national goals. Within a country the total population followed the leader and the leader was the most responsible person for protecting the nationality with its whole background. That kind of leaders had nature friendly policies for their politics and even for their lives. They took the responsibility of protecting their followers and the natural environment which is attaching to their own culture.
            When the economical systems of most countries become industrialized, the concept of development came out. People became selfish and different groups of people were appeared with different expectations. Privacy became important for them rather than the co-operation of the society. As a result of that politics with responsible leaderships were replaced by the liberal democracy. Liberal democracy doesn’t teach the leaders to do their politics based on nationalities, cultures, morality and nature friendly ideologies. It teaches the leaders to prepare different groups of people to promote their own sets of activities. On the other hand liberal democracy teaches the leaders to satisfy all of the selfish people with different expectations rather than gathering the population around common ideologies. Present generation consider that living close to the nature and traditional lifestyles are obstacles for the progress of their lives. Life styles of the present generation are also complicated and people are not sensitive enough to understand the environmental values, cultural and social positive values. The concept of development is important than protecting environment for the present generation. Development is based on commercial goals. This kind of a situation is prompting present political leaders to do their politics based on non environmental friendly economical systems. No meaning of talking about protecting environment without developing an environmental friendly way of thinking. We must give our priority to live with responsibilities and we must think of establishing responsible leaderships too.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sexual offenses and children

Why parents love their children? All of children have born as a result of natural sexuality. That is why parents really love their children. If all the children have born without a sexual intercourse between parents, there will not be a real love between parents and their children too. The sexual pleasure which is generating between two parents is strongly attached with the love which is generating between parents and their children.  
            If parents really love their children they must build up their children’s sexuality in a successful healthy way which is natural from the younger ages. Then they will be able to set up the society and also they will be able to create their next generation. Masculinity is a paternal inheritance and it determines the male sexuality as well. On the other hand femininity is a maternal inheritance and it determines the female sexuality as well. That is how parents of a person become the most responsible people for determining that particular person’s sex drive. Shaping the gender rolls of children with correct specifications is the main factor of this. Real fathers must rise up their sons in a masculine way and they must let mothers to rise up their daughters in a feminine way too. Keep in mind; children will become adults in future. Parents with social responsibilities must teach their children to accept the natural sexuality from the younger ages. They must teach their children what there must be an acceptable sexual life style which is natural in the society too. Then they will realize that they must spend their lives according to those particular conditions.
                        We must protect children from sexually abusing. That is for protecting their sexual life in future and that is not for joy of people who are trying to deform the natural sexuality. It is wrong if a grown man sexually abused an underage girl, when that particular girl is following a real feminine way of life according to the society and if she is accepting the natural sexual life style. But if children are being sexually abusing by homosexuals, that is too dangerous. If we considered an incident of a man sexually abusing an underage girl and, if we considered another incident of a gay man is sexually abusing an underage boy or a lesbian is abusing an underage girl, these incidents are not similar. First one is wrong just because of it is causing to collapse the acceptable sexual lifestyle of the society. But the second incident is wrong, not just because of causing to collapse the sexual lifestyle; it is not the natural way of sex and it is abnormal. So that is why it is too dangerous. We must protect the children from sexually abusing them by adults while we are protecting the natural sexuality and the acceptable sexual lifestyle.  

Monday, September 5, 2011

Badulla – Colombo train – Sri Lanka.

The train is traveling through a natural forest in Haputale area. It is traveling from Badulla to Colombo. This is a nice trip that can enjoy a lot.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Buddhism and the nature

This is a very brief description about Buddhism and the nature. Buddhism never teaches to behave against the nature. According to the Buddhism, we must accept it. Buddhism teaches deeply about the weak points of human mind and human nature. Human mind is little mysterious. It is not satisfying with any thing. That is why we are always trying to create new things. People are manipulating their minds towards the infinite. Finally they become disgusted when they are unable to achieve their objectives. People become happy when they are successful in any way but the success does not exist as it is.
                                    According to the Buddhism, people become disgusted because of they deem non eternal things as eternal without getting understand the real nature of them. And also they strongly desire that things. Buddhism teaches that the concepts of self and mine are appearing due to this situation. The soul (Anima) of a person originates in that way. And it continues too. Life of the person continues after death due to reborn.
According to the Buddhism anyone cannot prevent death, but everyone can prevent continuing life after death and reborn. It is called attain to “nibbana”. However this is not an easy task. Buddhist clergy have to follow special procedures while expecting “nibbana”. And Buddhist laity has to follow an acceptable life style according to consents which are essential for the existence of society.
                         Here I want to point out the basic concepts of acceptable Buddhist life style. Mainly Buddhists have no concepts of thriving in a linear way towards the infinity.  Buddhist people have to live with a collection of consents which are closely related to the nature. Buddhists must accept the natural way of changing any thing rather than hardly trying to change the real nature of them. We must follow an environmental friendly way of resource utilizing which is not causing to collapse the balances of nature. Buddhist people must follow an acceptable sexual life style which is close to the nature too. Family foundation is very important for the Buddhist society. Both paternity and maternity are important concepts of our society. That means Buddhist society must accept the masculinity of men and as well as the femininity of women. According to the Buddhist way of thinking, both masculine and feminine gender specifications are essential features of the society. The other most significant feature is Buddhists have no human centric way of thinking. Buddhists consider that the entire world of beings, including animals and plants is essential for the existence of human society. That is why Buddhist people are psychologically balanced. Buddhist way of thinking is well balanced too.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Evolution and the sexuality

The purpose of sexuality is reproduction. There are non sexual reproduction methods can be identified among simple beings and as well as within the world of plants.
However when the evolution of beings becomes advanced, Sexual reproduction method has promoted well and it became the dominate feature. As a result of transforming beings towards a progressive path, the world of creatures appeared. The world of creatures is superior to the world of plants. Dominate feature of the sexuality of plants is hermaphroditism. But within the world of creatures, unisexual creatures are the dominate group.  And the reproduction method also limited only to sexual reproduction within the world of creatures.
                        In the primary stages of evolution, the method of reproduction is simplex even though it is sexual reproduction. Male and female sex differentiation was also simple and that was only for generate the gametes. Most of simple beings were aquatic. Fertilization between simple male and female gametes occurred. When the creatures become evolutionally advance, the sexuality become advance too. The reproductive organs and tissue became complex. Growing the embryo inside a womb is the most advanced feature of reproduction. External genitals which can be well recognized were appeared. External genitals and the internal reproductive organs are pre determining by the sex chromosomes, so the genetic sex determination has taken the priority. Biochemical functions such as actions of sex hormones are also important in sex determination.
             One group of sex, either male or female is dominating the whole species of creatures. The capability of interact with the natural environment more actively is the fact of determining that. Dominating of male creatures is the most recognized feature. Female domination is rare and it is not evolutionally advanced. Mammals are the most advanced creatures in evolution. At last human beings are evolutionally superior to all other creatures. Human sexuality is more advance and it is complex too. Most outstanding feature of human sexuality is the psychological factor and this is known as gender. Physical and genetic factors of sex are common for both human beings and other creatures. If we considered about the hominid evolution, there can be identified a special path of psychological transformation. Human beings created cultural environments and civilized due to this reason. In any culture, gender specifications are conspicuous. Human beings are wearing clothes and this feature is unique to human beings. In any culture there are specific male clothes and specific female clothes. Gender specific human activities can be identified within any culture and they are common. Finally all of these specifications are for better attraction between two sexes. Matching up male sex drive and the female sex drive is an important and essential part of any civilization. Advanced gender specifications are advanced in evolution too.  

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rawana Ella

                                                                  People are enjoying

Rawana Ella is one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It situated close to Bandarawela. This is a nice and popular place to enjoy too.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Natural sexuality and the false intelligence

This is about human sexuality. We know that gender is the psychological sex of a person. Gender specifications are biologically advanced and also they are progressive according to the hominid evolution. Specifications which are based on the sexuality and sexual attraction between two sexes can be identified within the world of creatures too. But today there is a false intelligence which is teaching people to deem these gender specifications as wrong things. Male gender specifications are representing masculinity and it is strongly attached with the natural male sex drive. And female gender specifications are representing femininity and it is strongly attached with the female sex drive too. Naturally there is a sexual attraction between gender specifications. So what is wrong with specifying human activities according to the gender and matching up male and female sex drives? A group of people are trying to show their intelligence by spreading out an unpleasant attitude about that and fighting against the natural sexuality. They are bashing heterosexual related activities. But they are very keen to generalize homosexuality. Not only males have brains, females have female brains too. Men cannot establish the whole society based on masculinity alone. There must be a corresponding formation which is setting up by women based on the femininity (Real femininity). Gender specifications are actually important for that. So what is wrong with this gender based categorizing of human activities, if we are speaking words like men, women, male, and female….etc? According to the false intelligence, gender based categorizing of human activities is wrong and it is a social injustice for women. Why these intelligent people are not giving any chance to women for thinking as women based on their natural femininity and female feelings? All of the specific female activities are corresponding to specific male activities. Women who are really feminine know how to establish the female community corresponding to men’s social creations. The false intelligence teaches everyone to deem all of the gender specifications are man made and they are injustice for women. Have women no feelings to respond male feelings? According to the false intelligence, women are there for fighting with men and hate male feelings.
            The other thing is false intelligent people are bashing family foundation. According to the nature male body type and sexual characteristics are designed for interact with the environment more actively and efficiently. Female body type and sexual characteristics are designed for growing an embryo inside a womb and nourishing babies by breast feeding after birth. So what is wrong with men are working hard, protecting and maintaining their families while women are nurturing children and staying at home? If all of these things are wrong and the whole structure of the society is injustice for women why they are existing? Because of they are accepting by the nature. Stealing words and giving wrong definitions for them is another fraud of these false intelligent people. Now they are trying to bash natural sexuality by using the words like “Rape”, “Sexual abuse”, “Sex offender”, “Child abuse”, “Sexual assault”…….etc. We know these things are wrong. But these wrong things are relative and they must be compared with a well established acceptable sexual lifestyle which is natural. The false intelligence teaches this sexual lifestyle is wrong as well. According to the false intelligent people, women and girls are sex objects of men and boys. They deem it is wrong. These hypocrites must apply this logic to their mothers and their wives. The false intelligent hypocrites are using the above mentioned terms as their weapons to fight against the acceptable sexual lifestyle. There is another important thing. It is what false intelligence is always opposing gender specifications and the gender based categorizing of human activities. But they want to talk about the gender based violence against women. If the violence is related to sexuality, women suddenly remind that they are women. We must remember one thing. That is all of us here in the human society are born as a result of natural sexuality. Now it is time to think wisely and give up the hypocrisy. False intelligent people are cheating on them by them selves. Finally they are stupid, selfish, lazy and irresponsible. They know only how to eat, drink and sleep. They are pretending and misleading the society by misusing words while they are unable to setting up the society. They do not know what will happen to their own sexuality in future. They are destroying their own nationalities by themselves as well.                         

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rights for “wrong”

The human civilization is not originated in a sudden. And after being originated, the human beings are not civilized in a sudden too. Today we can speak languages, but the definitions of words which we are using in any language can be identified within specific social backgrounds which are created by human beings.
Without a human society any one cannot talk what something is right or wrong, good or bad, and fair or unfair. Reason is the relativity of these things to the society. If we considered the word of rights, we cannot talk about human rights without the human society. As I have mentioned within my previous blog when people are adding more requirements to their lives in addition to major requirements they become selfish too.
Because of when people have more requirements, they have to earn more and they need more resources.  And they need to spend more time to manage and utilize more resources too. Become all the people are equal in status within a community may not be practical. But when the resources are distributed equally within a community, people can aggregate with common requirements. And also they can spend more time for accomplish the social responsibilities. Social responsibilities are more important than the rights for them too. Within a situation like that the expectations of people are common, but the way of handling resources can be different person to person. However the way of transforming human activities is common.
                When people become more selfish, they need more rights for their privacy. On the other hand when the privacy becomes important social responsibilities become unimportant to them. They are struggling with responsibilities and co-operation of the society. Finally they are trying to get rid of them by using the rights. As a result of that different groups of people can be arise with different expectations in the society. Some times they can be exactly opposite the expectations of one person to another person. Growing up a situation like that can lead only to a huge conflict. Some people do not like to live with more responsibilities, but they want to utilize the common resources. On the other hand, they may not participate to build the society. Some times they do not agree with the formation of the society, but they never explain what should be the alternative. Some groups of people think that there should be rights for them to go beyond cultural and moral bounds. Finally these things are destroying the long time existence of human kind.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mount Lavinia beach, Sri Lanka.

                                         The seashore

                                         Mount Lavinia railway station

Mount Lavinia beach is another popular place in Sri Lanka where people can enjoy a lot.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The long term solution for environmental problems

If there is an environmental management which is more successful, there should be a non destructive way of resource utilization. Gross utilization and higher wastage of every kind of resources will lead to destroy the environment too. Industrialization without any standard is the biggest reason for this situation. However some countries have industry centric economical systems. These economical systems are basically targeting the commercial goals. So the commercial goals are more important than the environment to the people who are depending on the industrial economy. However if we really hope to protect the environment, this situation must change.
            The best alternation is replacing the industry centric economical systems with agriculture centric economical systems. With the agriculture it is easy to manage the environment more efficiently without destroying. On the other hand food is a major requirement, so the agriculture is an essential part of any economical system in any country. And it is possible to maintain other industries with the agriculture, also with a proper standard. However this cannot be an easy task.
            First we must study again about how the world was changed after the industrial revolution. And also we have to research whether the way of changing the world can totally accept or not. It is clear that the people who lived in Europe in 18th century when the industrial revolution is beginning were not thought of protecting the environment. They just wanted to establish and develop industries. The present generation has to take all the things which are happening as a result of the mistakes done by the past generations.      
             If we can control our selves, we can give the priority to protect the environment rather than giving priority to the commercial goals. To do this we have to control our minds. So we have to teach the future generation to live close to the nature and understand the value of natural environment. Then the future generation will control the industrialization with a proper standard. And they will be more sensitive to the environmental values.  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

“Vesak” in Sri Lanka

                                         "Vesak thorana" in Kelaniya                                      

                                         People who observed "Sil" at Kelaniya temple

                                         Buddha statue at Kalutara temple

                                          Some video clips of welknown "Kaluthara Bodhiya" in Sri Lanka.

2600th Buddha anniversary was held on 17th may 2011. The above images are displaying some of special occasions. I am looking forward to add some special articles about the Buddhism and the nature in future. This is just about the celebration of “Vesak”.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Food and healthy life

Food is a major requirement. Health is mostly depending on food and nutrients.
However we must be able to manage our diet, and maintain a healthy life. In this case following simple steps can improve and continuously keep our better health.

1)      Reduce starch and fat
2)      Reduce sugar according to your daily energy requirement.
3)      Add more fruits and vegetables
4)      Reduce artificial food (Better if you can give up)
5)      Reduce meat
6)      Add more sources of vegetable proteins
7)      Prepare food at home when ever possible.

You can reduce the risk of being a victim of such diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and cancers. Some chemicals which are coursing genetic disorders like formalin are using for store food for a long time. If you can give up that kind of food your next generation will be healthy.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Estrogens and the femininity

Why some women look so younger even they are too elder? Secret is the estrogen level of their blood is higher than the other women’s blood estrogen levels. Estrogens are the major hormones which are maintaining and controlling of female body characteristics. Actually estrogens are determining the femininity of the female body and the female sex desires. Women who have higher estrogen levels are more feminine and healthier.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Science, Technology and the nature

Science and technology are not there for fighting against the nature. Some people are thinking that they can use the technology as a weapon to fight with the nature. First of all we must have the ability to manage the property of natural environment. There are lots of things which are in the natural environment for the persistence of human beings. Sun light, natural water cycle, earth, soil and plants are there for better life and long time existence of both human beings and animals. The reality is there must be a technology for managing these resources. Science is not only physical science and its related things. If we can manage these things which are in the surface of the earth well, no need to excavate it hard.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Love and sexual attachment

Most people are struggling to get understand about love and sex. First thing what I want to say is a love which is generating between a male and a female is based on the sex desire. But the love is not only sex. After being sexually attracted love between two persons is building up as an agreement with a responsibility of each other. Sex can be also involved between a male and a female randomly, but when there is a love between the two persons they cannot give up each other easily after having sex. Because of they have to keep the sexual attachment with the responsibilities of each other.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Environmentl friendly

                                         Wooden stools

                                           Fans, Mats and a basket which are made of natural fiber
                                          Spoons which are made of coconut shels and wooden sticks
                                                   Clay pots
One of the best ways that we can get rid of environmental problems is utilizing environmental friendly equipment as much as possible in daily life. Natural fiber, clay pots and wooden items are best alternatives. No need to try hard for recycling this equipment.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Be honest.

There can be various kinds of men and women, but there is no any one who born spontaneously. All of the men and all of the women are procreated also by men and women. It is very simple that one generation to rise up the next generation in their way.
The whole world is full of hypocrisy; that is true. But the sexual hypocrisy is dangerous than the other hypocrisies. Sexual attraction between male and female specializations is an essential concept of any human society. First of all we must accept it.
All of the human activities are transforming continuously, from the beginning of human kind. If we are talking about sexual activities, specific male and specific female activities are always going on. Because of these activities are accepting by the nature. Male and female specializations are for better sexual attraction. It is a very important factor for the existence of human society.
The other thing is we must always respect to the people who are spending their lives close to the nature. And we must respect to the people who are accepting gender specifications and straight in sex drive. Because of without them there is no human society and real social values.
We must not respect to the people who are cheating on their own and telling lies about sex. People who are generating a hatred and unpleasant attitude about natural heterosexuality are not virtuous at all. This terrible hypocrisy is the biggest reason to grow up sexual abnormalities in the society.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What is real sexual hypocrisy?

What is gender? It represents the psychological factor of sex. That can be identified by the specific male and female activities in the society. These male and female specifications are finally attached to the male and female sex desires separately. And these specifications are for better sexual attachment. That is the nature of sex.
Why some people trying to make an unpleasant look of sexual attachment between males and females deliberately, and trying hard to establish and maintain homosexuality? These people hate the natural sex desires and the attachments. Most of them are ideologically feminists. The feminism is based on such behavior of some women, who are not sensitive to identify the psychological difference between females and males, and also they are unable to build up the society. These women are actually not psychologically feminine. They are usually against the male dominance. The only fact what they are adducing for generalizing their thoughts and feelings is the male dominance, and they are always telling what, the way of treating women by the men is unfair. But women who are thinking in this manner always willing to take the gain of laws and rule which are based on the male dominance too. These feminists don’t know that how they became women and what is femininity. The reality is there cannot be identified any men or women without gender specializations. Because of the concepts of male, female men, women are active only within a well developed cultural background which is gender specifications are there in a live. 
There is a special thing to say, that is what the sexuality should be managed well. Then the nature will decide what kind of features should exist and what should be rejected.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Belihul Oya

Belihul Oya is a great place to enjoy which is surrounded by beautiful natural environment. By travelling towards the Colombo – Badulla main road you can find the place. The distance is 155 km.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Being selfish is the basis of human rights

After the industrial revolution the European people gathered valuable resources and riches from all over the world to Europe. Their Imperialism was the major fact of this. The economic system which they spread all over the world is also affected this processes. After gathering the resources, they wanted more time to spend for managing and manipulating them. Unlike in the past they never wanted to spend their lives with more social responsibilities. They added more requirements to their lives. Gradually they became too selfish. These people thought what privacy is better than the co-operation of the society. They thought social responsibilities, traditions, morality and even religion are obstacles for the individual freedom. They need more rights to get rid of responsibilities. That is how the human rights are formed.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


This is a warning message for men from all over the world. Be aware of western feminism. It is spreading fast as a germ in everywhere. This is not based on natural femininity and it is totally against the real nature of sexuality. There are small groups of feminists including both men and women are active in every country. The primary objects of these groups are complicating the nature of sexuality and the sexual life style of the society. LGBT groups are also behind them as well. They are hardly trying to promote the homosexuality and they are usually against the heterosexual sex drive. And also these people are doing every thing against the gender specifications which are for better attraction between two sexes. They consider that the natural sexuality and the way of reproduction are obstacles for the progress of women. They have been developing these false and unpractical theories for a long time. It is clear that the male feminists are leading the feminism rather than female feminists are doing so. Today we must get together and fully destroy the feminism with the ideological background of it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Before talking about sex

Before talking about sex, we must get understand about the following facts.

1)      Both men and women are engendered also by men and women.
2)      There are three main factors of determining sex; they are genetic, physical and psychological.
3)      Gender represents the psychological factor of sex.
4)      Females are not independent from male as well as males are not independent from females
5)      Femininity is not independent from masculinity as well as masculinity is not independent from femininity.
6)      Males are not totally independent from their fathers, because fathers are responsible for developing masculinity of their sons. And females are not totally independent from their mothers, because mothers are responsible for developing femininity of their daughters.
7)      In the male population all are not totally independent from each other, and in the female population all are not totally independent from each other as well.
8)      All of males are getting understood about the femininity through their mothers, and all of females are getting understood about masculinity through their fathers.
9)      Males and females are not equal, but there must be a balance between males and females, and also between masculinity and the femininity.
10)  Male and female specifications are for better attraction between two sexes with better reproduction.

Most people are getting complicated when they are talking about sex and its related things, why they are trying to simply ignore these facts and talk about the sex only based on the objection of some kind of women to the male and female specializations in the society. They must think first, how the society is built up. Without any created social background there are no men or women.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Global warming and climate changes

In future we will have to face some more natural disasters due to abnormal climate changes. As a result of global warming, the sea water vaporization also increasing. So the natural water cycle is being complicated. And unexpected heavy thunder showers may be occurred. Another thing is effect of floods, due to global warming the expansion rate of sea water is also high. As a result of this there will be a disturbance for discharging the excessive water of land areas to sea. So there will be more threat of floods. However the regular wet regions will be wet more, while the regular dry regions become dryer.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What is the most important thing?

Let us originate the society, before talking about rights. Because of we cannot talk about rights or any thing without creating the society. Other thing is we cannot speak any language without any cultural background. Because of without a cultural background, there cannot be found any definitions for words of any language. So the rights should be obtained by the people who really build the society and culture.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thought of new year


Let us improve our environmental friendly activities.