Saturday, May 21, 2011

The long term solution for environmental problems

If there is an environmental management which is more successful, there should be a non destructive way of resource utilization. Gross utilization and higher wastage of every kind of resources will lead to destroy the environment too. Industrialization without any standard is the biggest reason for this situation. However some countries have industry centric economical systems. These economical systems are basically targeting the commercial goals. So the commercial goals are more important than the environment to the people who are depending on the industrial economy. However if we really hope to protect the environment, this situation must change.
            The best alternation is replacing the industry centric economical systems with agriculture centric economical systems. With the agriculture it is easy to manage the environment more efficiently without destroying. On the other hand food is a major requirement, so the agriculture is an essential part of any economical system in any country. And it is possible to maintain other industries with the agriculture, also with a proper standard. However this cannot be an easy task.
            First we must study again about how the world was changed after the industrial revolution. And also we have to research whether the way of changing the world can totally accept or not. It is clear that the people who lived in Europe in 18th century when the industrial revolution is beginning were not thought of protecting the environment. They just wanted to establish and develop industries. The present generation has to take all the things which are happening as a result of the mistakes done by the past generations.      
             If we can control our selves, we can give the priority to protect the environment rather than giving priority to the commercial goals. To do this we have to control our minds. So we have to teach the future generation to live close to the nature and understand the value of natural environment. Then the future generation will control the industrialization with a proper standard. And they will be more sensitive to the environmental values.  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

“Vesak” in Sri Lanka

                                         "Vesak thorana" in Kelaniya                                      

                                         People who observed "Sil" at Kelaniya temple

                                         Buddha statue at Kalutara temple

                                          Some video clips of welknown "Kaluthara Bodhiya" in Sri Lanka.

2600th Buddha anniversary was held on 17th may 2011. The above images are displaying some of special occasions. I am looking forward to add some special articles about the Buddhism and the nature in future. This is just about the celebration of “Vesak”.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Food and healthy life

Food is a major requirement. Health is mostly depending on food and nutrients.
However we must be able to manage our diet, and maintain a healthy life. In this case following simple steps can improve and continuously keep our better health.

1)      Reduce starch and fat
2)      Reduce sugar according to your daily energy requirement.
3)      Add more fruits and vegetables
4)      Reduce artificial food (Better if you can give up)
5)      Reduce meat
6)      Add more sources of vegetable proteins
7)      Prepare food at home when ever possible.

You can reduce the risk of being a victim of such diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and cancers. Some chemicals which are coursing genetic disorders like formalin are using for store food for a long time. If you can give up that kind of food your next generation will be healthy.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Estrogens and the femininity

Why some women look so younger even they are too elder? Secret is the estrogen level of their blood is higher than the other women’s blood estrogen levels. Estrogens are the major hormones which are maintaining and controlling of female body characteristics. Actually estrogens are determining the femininity of the female body and the female sex desires. Women who have higher estrogen levels are more feminine and healthier.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Science, Technology and the nature

Science and technology are not there for fighting against the nature. Some people are thinking that they can use the technology as a weapon to fight with the nature. First of all we must have the ability to manage the property of natural environment. There are lots of things which are in the natural environment for the persistence of human beings. Sun light, natural water cycle, earth, soil and plants are there for better life and long time existence of both human beings and animals. The reality is there must be a technology for managing these resources. Science is not only physical science and its related things. If we can manage these things which are in the surface of the earth well, no need to excavate it hard.