Friday, December 23, 2011

Gender (sexual) hypocrisy and the society

Gender (Sexual) hypocrisy is one of bigger threats for the long time existence of human civilization. It is a huge obstruction for obtaining the natural goodness of sexuality. It generates stress in any community too.
            According to the hominid evolution sexuality is an important part that we must discuss about. Human sexuality is a powerful factor which is determining the way of establishing human civilization. That is why it is important that gender specifications and matching up male and female sex drives. Even though gender specifications are human creations, nature supports and promotes them. Because of they are accepting by the nature. Matching up male and female sexualities is an essential part of any culture, and within a culture there is an acceptable sexual lifestyle too. It must be natural as well.
            Family is the primary unit of any human civilization. The concept of family is based on natural order of sexuality and especially the sexual attraction between two sexes. The concepts of paternity and maternity are primarily based on sexual reproduction. And they are heavily depend on masculinity and the femininity which are determining by the gender based specifications and sexual characteristics. In any culture, parents rise their children up with gender specifications and also with a great responsibility of the children’s sexuality. All of responsible parents want their children to grow up in a heterosexual way. That is why fathers want their sons to be masculine and mothers want their daughters to be feminine. Generally all the men and women respect the acceptable sexual lifestyle and the natural sexuality. Any one who has natural feelings do not discredit the gender specifications and the nature of sexuality. In any culture there is a set of consents related to sexuality for protecting the acceptable sexual lifestyle which is natural. This is known as the sexual morality.
                   However when the gender hypocrisy comes out, some people are trying to assume them as better people by discrediting the natural sexuality. They are thinking that it is a part of morality and they think that they can show their virtue by doing so. This kind of people generally do not like to accept the real nature of sexuality, but they want to enjoy sex. This is hypocrisy and some of them have complicated sex desires. We must critically discuss about the hypocrisy of men and the hypocrisy of women too. People who are honestly accepting the natural order of sexuality are also accepting the gender specifications of their opposite sex. They build up their families with a set of consents which are based on sexuality and the gender specifications. The important feature is that parents orientate their children in a heterosexual way. But when it comes to hypocrisy, the hypocritical men do not accept the natural femininity of women. And hypocritical women do not accept men who are really masculine and natural male sexuality as well. All of us can see well that how some fathers rise their daughters up in their way without femininity. We can see also how they teach their daughters to deem that the natural male sexuality and male sex drive are obstructions for the progress of their lives. On the other hand we can see that hypocritical women are always opposing gender specifications and gender based categorizing of human activities while they are talking about the gender based violence and violence against women. Finally all of hypocrites are stealing words especially related to sexual offenses and sexual morality for covering up their hypocrisy. They are thinking that they are virtuous. But a situation like this blinds the whole society and drives the population towards a false virtue which is not actually helping to protect the society.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Negombo beach, Sri Lanka.

Negombo beach is another place where people can enjoy a lot; Negombo is situated in the western province of Sri Lanka.