Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cute deer

Cute deer........................

Psychology and the natural environment

If we considered the psychological status of a person, the environment of the person is very affective on that particular person’s mental health. If some one is working within an artificial environment for a long time period of the day, there is a psychological stress too. If he can see and feel the beauty of the natural environment for a while he can get rid of the stress really. Because of the natural environment has the ability to reduce the psychological stress of a person. So this thing is one of a biggest value of natural environment.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do begin a source of water?

Generally a source of water begins from hill regions. The water vapor becomes fog when it reaches the higher levels of the atmosphere. That is how the clouds are appearing. When the clouds are gathering to the hill regions the humidity of them absorbs by the plants of natural forests. Generally these plants in the natural forests of hill regions have a lot of specific features for absorbing the moisture. The absorbing of moisture is happening well in the night. When this is happening regularly the ground becomes wet. There is a limit of water holding capacity in the soil. When the moisturizing exceeds the water holding capacity excess water is being secreted to the low down from the upper hills. By gathering the excessive water which has been secreted the natural ponds are appearing. Most of rivers are beginning from natural ponds in hill regions.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Big blue marble

What a nice planet that we are living in. One who can go to the space by a spaceship can see the real beauty of our world. He can really understand the value of nature because he can see how the nature protects our lives well.


Friday, November 5, 2010

World of plants

The world of plants is important to the persistence of human beings and all other creatures. Plants are transforming usually as well as the creatures. There is a big range of variety in plants. Some of them are unique to different regions of the world. Today human beings are managing the world of plants through agriculture. Main source of food is based on plants for both human beings and other creatures. And today people are destroying the word of plants for developing other physical creations.

The power of thinking

Power of thinking is the basis of all the things that are created by the human beings.
How ever this power of thinking cannot be exceeded the power of nature. That means we cannot go beyond the nature and create the opposites to that. So we must control the power of thinking according to the nature. First we must learn how to think close to the nature. Then we will be able to prevent the natural reactions which are harmful for the human society.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Evolution of life

Origin of water is made the background for life. Living matter is originated by combining other essential elements (C, H, O, N, and P) with the water. Subsequently the living matter transformed to simple beings. Today we have to critically discus how the world of plants and the world of creatures are separately transformed. The world of creatures is superior to the world of plants in evolution. Either plants or creatures transform an existing one to a new one with new features is as follows.

1. Vary and genesis of new varieties with new features.
2. Persist the new varieties through the natural selection.
3. Retain the new varieties and extinct the previous varieties.

This thing is continuously going on.