Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beauty and the female factor

Beauty of women is a feminine gender specification. Actually it depends on male sex desire. Because of femininity of women is exactly corresponding to the masculinity of men. Beauty is based on the femininity.
             Femininity of women can be recognized by both physically and psychologically.
Female body characteristics are forming by basically female body fat distribution. Other female sex characteristics including female body fat distribution are controlling by estrogen s which are female sex hormones. Psychological factor of femininity can be recognized by feminine gender specifications such as feminine way of dressing. Natural beauty of female body and sexual characteristics are not valuable without feminine gender specifications. Especially feminine way of dressing is the dominant factor of attractive appearance of women. Finally all the facts of feminine beauty are corresponding to both physical and psychological masculinity of men. That is how the beauty of women becomes consistent with male sex desires. This keeps the human sexuality in a healthy situation.