Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Love and sexual attachment

Most people are struggling to get understand about love and sex. First thing what I want to say is a love which is generating between a male and a female is based on the sex desire. But the love is not only sex. After being sexually attracted love between two persons is building up as an agreement with a responsibility of each other. Sex can be also involved between a male and a female randomly, but when there is a love between the two persons they cannot give up each other easily after having sex. Because of they have to keep the sexual attachment with the responsibilities of each other.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Environmentl friendly

                                         Wooden stools

                                           Fans, Mats and a basket which are made of natural fiber
                                          Spoons which are made of coconut shels and wooden sticks
                                                   Clay pots
One of the best ways that we can get rid of environmental problems is utilizing environmental friendly equipment as much as possible in daily life. Natural fiber, clay pots and wooden items are best alternatives. No need to try hard for recycling this equipment.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Be honest.

There can be various kinds of men and women, but there is no any one who born spontaneously. All of the men and all of the women are procreated also by men and women. It is very simple that one generation to rise up the next generation in their way.
The whole world is full of hypocrisy; that is true. But the sexual hypocrisy is dangerous than the other hypocrisies. Sexual attraction between male and female specializations is an essential concept of any human society. First of all we must accept it.
All of the human activities are transforming continuously, from the beginning of human kind. If we are talking about sexual activities, specific male and specific female activities are always going on. Because of these activities are accepting by the nature. Male and female specializations are for better sexual attraction. It is a very important factor for the existence of human society.
The other thing is we must always respect to the people who are spending their lives close to the nature. And we must respect to the people who are accepting gender specifications and straight in sex drive. Because of without them there is no human society and real social values.
We must not respect to the people who are cheating on their own and telling lies about sex. People who are generating a hatred and unpleasant attitude about natural heterosexuality are not virtuous at all. This terrible hypocrisy is the biggest reason to grow up sexual abnormalities in the society.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What is real sexual hypocrisy?

What is gender? It represents the psychological factor of sex. That can be identified by the specific male and female activities in the society. These male and female specifications are finally attached to the male and female sex desires separately. And these specifications are for better sexual attachment. That is the nature of sex.
Why some people trying to make an unpleasant look of sexual attachment between males and females deliberately, and trying hard to establish and maintain homosexuality? These people hate the natural sex desires and the attachments. Most of them are ideologically feminists. The feminism is based on such behavior of some women, who are not sensitive to identify the psychological difference between females and males, and also they are unable to build up the society. These women are actually not psychologically feminine. They are usually against the male dominance. The only fact what they are adducing for generalizing their thoughts and feelings is the male dominance, and they are always telling what, the way of treating women by the men is unfair. But women who are thinking in this manner always willing to take the gain of laws and rule which are based on the male dominance too. These feminists don’t know that how they became women and what is femininity. The reality is there cannot be identified any men or women without gender specializations. Because of the concepts of male, female men, women are active only within a well developed cultural background which is gender specifications are there in a live. 
There is a special thing to say, that is what the sexuality should be managed well. Then the nature will decide what kind of features should exist and what should be rejected.