Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rights for “wrong”

The human civilization is not originated in a sudden. And after being originated, the human beings are not civilized in a sudden too. Today we can speak languages, but the definitions of words which we are using in any language can be identified within specific social backgrounds which are created by human beings.
Without a human society any one cannot talk what something is right or wrong, good or bad, and fair or unfair. Reason is the relativity of these things to the society. If we considered the word of rights, we cannot talk about human rights without the human society. As I have mentioned within my previous blog when people are adding more requirements to their lives in addition to major requirements they become selfish too.
Because of when people have more requirements, they have to earn more and they need more resources.  And they need to spend more time to manage and utilize more resources too. Become all the people are equal in status within a community may not be practical. But when the resources are distributed equally within a community, people can aggregate with common requirements. And also they can spend more time for accomplish the social responsibilities. Social responsibilities are more important than the rights for them too. Within a situation like that the expectations of people are common, but the way of handling resources can be different person to person. However the way of transforming human activities is common.
                When people become more selfish, they need more rights for their privacy. On the other hand when the privacy becomes important social responsibilities become unimportant to them. They are struggling with responsibilities and co-operation of the society. Finally they are trying to get rid of them by using the rights. As a result of that different groups of people can be arise with different expectations in the society. Some times they can be exactly opposite the expectations of one person to another person. Growing up a situation like that can lead only to a huge conflict. Some people do not like to live with more responsibilities, but they want to utilize the common resources. On the other hand, they may not participate to build the society. Some times they do not agree with the formation of the society, but they never explain what should be the alternative. Some groups of people think that there should be rights for them to go beyond cultural and moral bounds. Finally these things are destroying the long time existence of human kind.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mount Lavinia beach, Sri Lanka.

                                         The seashore

                                         Mount Lavinia railway station

Mount Lavinia beach is another popular place in Sri Lanka where people can enjoy a lot.