Thursday, April 21, 2011

Be honest.

There can be various kinds of men and women, but there is no any one who born spontaneously. All of the men and all of the women are procreated also by men and women. It is very simple that one generation to rise up the next generation in their way.
The whole world is full of hypocrisy; that is true. But the sexual hypocrisy is dangerous than the other hypocrisies. Sexual attraction between male and female specializations is an essential concept of any human society. First of all we must accept it.
All of the human activities are transforming continuously, from the beginning of human kind. If we are talking about sexual activities, specific male and specific female activities are always going on. Because of these activities are accepting by the nature. Male and female specializations are for better sexual attraction. It is a very important factor for the existence of human society.
The other thing is we must always respect to the people who are spending their lives close to the nature. And we must respect to the people who are accepting gender specifications and straight in sex drive. Because of without them there is no human society and real social values.
We must not respect to the people who are cheating on their own and telling lies about sex. People who are generating a hatred and unpleasant attitude about natural heterosexuality are not virtuous at all. This terrible hypocrisy is the biggest reason to grow up sexual abnormalities in the society.

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