Friday, December 31, 2010

Mental health and balanced mind

Balanced mind will keep your mental health in a good condition.

Can you understand the value of natural environment, and feel the beauty of the nature?

Can you discriminate positive values and negative values of the community?

Can you understand the value of male and female specifications in the human society, and do you attract to the specifications of your opposite sex?

Do you love animals and pets?

You ask from your self. If the answer is yes you are well balanced minded.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

White monkey

Nature and the culture

            Generally animals have their own natural habitats, and they are living in the natural environment. However human beings are living in a specially formed environment which can obtain the goodness of nature as well. These are known as cultural environments. A cultural environment must be formed close to the nature, and then it will remain for a long time. Because of a cultural environment which follows the nature also protects by the nature too. Within a well formed healthy culture, there should be a proper way of resource utilization, which is not harmful for the natural environment. And also a well formed systematical sexual lifestyle which is related to proper reproduction must be their. Most of human civilizations which are formed by the human beings, who lived in early stages of the history, are based on water resources and the agriculture. However region to region in the world, cultural environments are also different.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Creative gardening with natural goodness is a better way to interact with the nature.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What are lungs of the world?

Lungs are organs of providing oxygen to the blood from the breathing air, and as well as removing carbon dioxide from the blood. So this can be described as cleaning the blood. What are lungs of the world? They are great natural forests like Amazon and Congo. Why they are called as lungs of the world? They can clean the atmosphere. Plants can absorb carbon dioxide of the air when the photosynthesis is taken place. So they can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and increase the level of oxygen in the atmosphere. The natural rain forests like Amazon and Congo can greatly do this.
And this is more like the function of lungs in the human body. That is why they are called as lungs of the world.