Thursday, August 18, 2011

Buddhism and the nature

This is a very brief description about Buddhism and the nature. Buddhism never teaches to behave against the nature. According to the Buddhism, we must accept it. Buddhism teaches deeply about the weak points of human mind and human nature. Human mind is little mysterious. It is not satisfying with any thing. That is why we are always trying to create new things. People are manipulating their minds towards the infinite. Finally they become disgusted when they are unable to achieve their objectives. People become happy when they are successful in any way but the success does not exist as it is.
                                    According to the Buddhism, people become disgusted because of they deem non eternal things as eternal without getting understand the real nature of them. And also they strongly desire that things. Buddhism teaches that the concepts of self and mine are appearing due to this situation. The soul (Anima) of a person originates in that way. And it continues too. Life of the person continues after death due to reborn.
According to the Buddhism anyone cannot prevent death, but everyone can prevent continuing life after death and reborn. It is called attain to “nibbana”. However this is not an easy task. Buddhist clergy have to follow special procedures while expecting “nibbana”. And Buddhist laity has to follow an acceptable life style according to consents which are essential for the existence of society.
                         Here I want to point out the basic concepts of acceptable Buddhist life style. Mainly Buddhists have no concepts of thriving in a linear way towards the infinity.  Buddhist people have to live with a collection of consents which are closely related to the nature. Buddhists must accept the natural way of changing any thing rather than hardly trying to change the real nature of them. We must follow an environmental friendly way of resource utilizing which is not causing to collapse the balances of nature. Buddhist people must follow an acceptable sexual life style which is close to the nature too. Family foundation is very important for the Buddhist society. Both paternity and maternity are important concepts of our society. That means Buddhist society must accept the masculinity of men and as well as the femininity of women. According to the Buddhist way of thinking, both masculine and feminine gender specifications are essential features of the society. The other most significant feature is Buddhists have no human centric way of thinking. Buddhists consider that the entire world of beings, including animals and plants is essential for the existence of human society. That is why Buddhist people are psychologically balanced. Buddhist way of thinking is well balanced too.