Sunday, June 24, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

Environmental day and green lies.

Today we can hear about lots of green activities. Why people began to talk about green all of a sudden? Until the nature began to punish human beings slowly, they did not want to talk about green. The development mindset does not allow people to understand the value of nature and natural environment. People still believe that the concept of development is perfect and totally progressive as well. People are talking about green activities while they are doing the opposite by giving their priority to the industrializing of countries and executing development plans.
                        Major fact is most of people have no nature friendly ideologies. If people cannot think in a nature friendly manner, they cannot protect nature as well. Ideologies like development, liberal democracy and western post modernism teaches people to be selfish, collect resources and riches individually and deem any activity which makes commercial advantages as the progress of humankind even they are not nature friendly. Political situation of any country is corrupted today. Present politics are aiming the development and other commercial tasks while disregarding the nature and natural environment in anywhere.
                        First we must teach future generation to think in a nature friendly manner. Then the next generation will raise nature friendly thinkers who can change the way of destructive thinking. We must develop the co-operation instead of individualism. Talking about green without doing these things is not meaningful. The concept of “green” is another popular lie which blinds us and preparing us to forget real problems related to the nature and environment.