Thursday, February 24, 2011


This is a warning message for men from all over the world. Be aware of western feminism. It is spreading fast as a germ in everywhere. This is not based on natural femininity and it is totally against the real nature of sexuality. There are small groups of feminists including both men and women are active in every country. The primary objects of these groups are complicating the nature of sexuality and the sexual life style of the society. LGBT groups are also behind them as well. They are hardly trying to promote the homosexuality and they are usually against the heterosexual sex drive. And also these people are doing every thing against the gender specifications which are for better attraction between two sexes. They consider that the natural sexuality and the way of reproduction are obstacles for the progress of women. They have been developing these false and unpractical theories for a long time. It is clear that the male feminists are leading the feminism rather than female feminists are doing so. Today we must get together and fully destroy the feminism with the ideological background of it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Before talking about sex

Before talking about sex, we must get understand about the following facts.

1)      Both men and women are engendered also by men and women.
2)      There are three main factors of determining sex; they are genetic, physical and psychological.
3)      Gender represents the psychological factor of sex.
4)      Females are not independent from male as well as males are not independent from females
5)      Femininity is not independent from masculinity as well as masculinity is not independent from femininity.
6)      Males are not totally independent from their fathers, because fathers are responsible for developing masculinity of their sons. And females are not totally independent from their mothers, because mothers are responsible for developing femininity of their daughters.
7)      In the male population all are not totally independent from each other, and in the female population all are not totally independent from each other as well.
8)      All of males are getting understood about the femininity through their mothers, and all of females are getting understood about masculinity through their fathers.
9)      Males and females are not equal, but there must be a balance between males and females, and also between masculinity and the femininity.
10)  Male and female specifications are for better attraction between two sexes with better reproduction.

Most people are getting complicated when they are talking about sex and its related things, why they are trying to simply ignore these facts and talk about the sex only based on the objection of some kind of women to the male and female specializations in the society. They must think first, how the society is built up. Without any created social background there are no men or women.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Global warming and climate changes

In future we will have to face some more natural disasters due to abnormal climate changes. As a result of global warming, the sea water vaporization also increasing. So the natural water cycle is being complicated. And unexpected heavy thunder showers may be occurred. Another thing is effect of floods, due to global warming the expansion rate of sea water is also high. As a result of this there will be a disturbance for discharging the excessive water of land areas to sea. So there will be more threat of floods. However the regular wet regions will be wet more, while the regular dry regions become dryer.