Sunday, March 11, 2012

Garlic as a natural medicine

Garlic is good for heart; it can control high blood pressure too. Adding garlic to curries is popular and it is reducing heart troubles indirectly. Natural ways of improving health is important.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fake women’s day is coming up…….!

This message is for intelligent men from all over the world. It is to inform about that women’s day is coming up and what is going to happen on that day.
            8th of March is known as international women’s day, actually this day is reserved for feminists to spread out western feminism all over the world. Western feminism does not represent feminine women who are contributing to build up the female community. So what is happening 8th of March in every year?
            Actually 8th of March is not for celebrating femininity. On this day all of non feminine women and LGBT groups become active, they are spreading out unpleasant attitudes towards men and heterosexuality on this fake women’s day. There is a large number of hypocritical men are behind these feminist activities as well. All of them call feminism as the theory of women’s liberation. The truth is that these people are stealing the real problems of truly feminine women and making excuses for their male hatred activities. They do not want to solve the real problems. They want to take the gain of those problems and fight against men and the nature of sexuality based on their anti male and anti heterosexual mind set. They really like to oppress women who are feminine and women who like to be consistent with male sexuality because of their anti male way of thinking. Their final target is deforming the natural order of sexuality. Even feminists do not like feminine gender identity of women.