Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Environmentl friendly

                                         Wooden stools

                                           Fans, Mats and a basket which are made of natural fiber
                                          Spoons which are made of coconut shels and wooden sticks
                                                   Clay pots
One of the best ways that we can get rid of environmental problems is utilizing environmental friendly equipment as much as possible in daily life. Natural fiber, clay pots and wooden items are best alternatives. No need to try hard for recycling this equipment.


  1. I will stop flushing the used motor oil from my car down the nearest toilet, when the government stops shoving a probe up my tailpipe every other year before I can be sold an expensive inspection sticker, which I am required to have in order to legally drive my car.

    The sooner that the eco-nazis realize that the Earth (and the animals, who ought to have no "rights", by the way) are here for the use and service of mankind, and not the other way around, the better off we will all be!

  2. you did not specify what the items are made of and used for! Can you label each picture that will make it easier for people like me. What exactly are the items in the third picture?