Monday, May 16, 2011

Food and healthy life

Food is a major requirement. Health is mostly depending on food and nutrients.
However we must be able to manage our diet, and maintain a healthy life. In this case following simple steps can improve and continuously keep our better health.

1)      Reduce starch and fat
2)      Reduce sugar according to your daily energy requirement.
3)      Add more fruits and vegetables
4)      Reduce artificial food (Better if you can give up)
5)      Reduce meat
6)      Add more sources of vegetable proteins
7)      Prepare food at home when ever possible.

You can reduce the risk of being a victim of such diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and cancers. Some chemicals which are coursing genetic disorders like formalin are using for store food for a long time. If you can give up that kind of food your next generation will be healthy.

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