Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nature and the politics

Nationalities and states were formed by people as a result of the progress of civilizations. A state or a country is a specific geographical area which has a unique environmental and weather condition. Within a country there is a unique method of resource utilization and setting up society by the people. That is how that unique population is creating a unique cultural environment.   
            Even today the agricultural lifestyle is more common in most of countries. Farming and animal husbandry are environmental friendly. Co-operation of the society was conspicuous and people considered the social responsibilities as essential things. In the past the political status of all countries were based on social responsibilities and national goals. Within a country the total population followed the leader and the leader was the most responsible person for protecting the nationality with its whole background. That kind of leaders had nature friendly policies for their politics and even for their lives. They took the responsibility of protecting their followers and the natural environment which is attaching to their own culture.
            When the economical systems of most countries become industrialized, the concept of development came out. People became selfish and different groups of people were appeared with different expectations. Privacy became important for them rather than the co-operation of the society. As a result of that politics with responsible leaderships were replaced by the liberal democracy. Liberal democracy doesn’t teach the leaders to do their politics based on nationalities, cultures, morality and nature friendly ideologies. It teaches the leaders to prepare different groups of people to promote their own sets of activities. On the other hand liberal democracy teaches the leaders to satisfy all of the selfish people with different expectations rather than gathering the population around common ideologies. Present generation consider that living close to the nature and traditional lifestyles are obstacles for the progress of their lives. Life styles of the present generation are also complicated and people are not sensitive enough to understand the environmental values, cultural and social positive values. The concept of development is important than protecting environment for the present generation. Development is based on commercial goals. This kind of a situation is prompting present political leaders to do their politics based on non environmental friendly economical systems. No meaning of talking about protecting environment without developing an environmental friendly way of thinking. We must give our priority to live with responsibilities and we must think of establishing responsible leaderships too.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sexual offenses and children

Why parents love their children? All of children have born as a result of natural sexuality. That is why parents really love their children. If all the children have born without a sexual intercourse between parents, there will not be a real love between parents and their children too. The sexual pleasure which is generating between two parents is strongly attached with the love which is generating between parents and their children.  
            If parents really love their children they must build up their children’s sexuality in a successful healthy way which is natural from the younger ages. Then they will be able to set up the society and also they will be able to create their next generation. Masculinity is a paternal inheritance and it determines the male sexuality as well. On the other hand femininity is a maternal inheritance and it determines the female sexuality as well. That is how parents of a person become the most responsible people for determining that particular person’s sex drive. Shaping the gender rolls of children with correct specifications is the main factor of this. Real fathers must rise up their sons in a masculine way and they must let mothers to rise up their daughters in a feminine way too. Keep in mind; children will become adults in future. Parents with social responsibilities must teach their children to accept the natural sexuality from the younger ages. They must teach their children what there must be an acceptable sexual life style which is natural in the society too. Then they will realize that they must spend their lives according to those particular conditions.
                        We must protect children from sexually abusing. That is for protecting their sexual life in future and that is not for joy of people who are trying to deform the natural sexuality. It is wrong if a grown man sexually abused an underage girl, when that particular girl is following a real feminine way of life according to the society and if she is accepting the natural sexual life style. But if children are being sexually abusing by homosexuals, that is too dangerous. If we considered an incident of a man sexually abusing an underage girl and, if we considered another incident of a gay man is sexually abusing an underage boy or a lesbian is abusing an underage girl, these incidents are not similar. First one is wrong just because of it is causing to collapse the acceptable sexual lifestyle of the society. But the second incident is wrong, not just because of causing to collapse the sexual lifestyle; it is not the natural way of sex and it is abnormal. So that is why it is too dangerous. We must protect the children from sexually abusing them by adults while we are protecting the natural sexuality and the acceptable sexual lifestyle.  

Monday, September 5, 2011

Badulla – Colombo train – Sri Lanka.

The train is traveling through a natural forest in Haputale area. It is traveling from Badulla to Colombo. This is a nice trip that can enjoy a lot.