Sunday, October 30, 2011

Erectile dysfunction and the psychology

Today there is a considerable number of men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction in any society. The main factor of causing erectile dysfunction is not physical weakness. Psychological stress is basically causing this. Confused psychological status is the biggest reason behind it
                        There is a number of factors which are causing psychological stress and a complicated situation. First one is living environment of people is too much of artificial. An artificial environment which contains a less amount of natural property can build up an extra psychological stress. Second one is the social condition without gender specifications. Gender specifications are naturally generating a sexual attraction between two sexes and it keeps a healthy sex drive. Naturally both men and women like to identify their opposite sex with unique specifications. A social environment with more gender based specifications is very pleasant and not generating psychological stress. That is how when gender specifications become less, it is generating stress. Generally men like feminine women with feminine gender specifications in any society. Because of femininity of women is naturally corresponding to men’s masculinity. On the other hand non feminine women are sexually unpleasant and generating a huge pressure on men’s psyche. This is how women’s behavior affects on men’s sexuality. These sexually unpleasant things are directly causing men’s sexual dysfunction. The third fact is complicated social situation. Today in any country, the lifestyles are complicated. And the majority of populations are selfish. This kind of a situation is a major fact which is generating psychological stress. Because of there isn’t much of co-operation in the society and people have to struggle for maintaining their lifestyles. Today people have to face problems alone and struggle individually. Finally all of these things are causing to collapse the psychological fitness of men for being active sexually. No meaning of taking medicine without getting rid of the whole background of generating psychological stress. Until we are being honest and accept the true nature of sexuality we cannot get rid of this bad situation. This can be difficult to achieve, because of gender hypocrisy has already driven the society in a crazy manner. And it does not allow people to accept the real nature of sexuality.