Friday, August 17, 2012

The feminist theory of misusing words....!

Feminists are bashing men by using some words today, but they do not want to protect the society or real positive values. They are just bashing men and heterosexuality which is natural. Feminists cannot build up the human civilization as well. Be careful when you are using these words. Do not give any chance for feminists to misuse the words and spread out unpleasant attitudes towards male population and heterosexuality. All of sexual offenses must be compared with an acceptable sexual lifestyle which is natural.


  1. Men need to browbeat feminists in like kind. I do so online, and I notice some young women back away from the moniker or feminism as a consequence.

    A bully must be bullied to make him or her back away in defeat! Feminists are verbal bullies, nothing more.

    1. Thanks for the comment, feminists and their followers are going to control everything ideologically. Today we have to defeat them ideologically as well. I appreciate your idea about feminism too.