Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Psychology and the natural environment

If we considered the psychological status of a person, the environment of the person is very affective on that particular person’s mental health. If some one is working within an artificial environment for a long time period of the day, there is a psychological stress too. If he can see and feel the beauty of the natural environment for a while he can get rid of the stress really. Because of the natural environment has the ability to reduce the psychological stress of a person. So this thing is one of a biggest value of natural environment.


  1. The greatest writers of our time understood the connection between humanity and nature. You are correct in that we have distanced ourselves from the very fabric of our origin. There could be a long philosophical discussion on where this disconnect will lead us moving deeper into the 21st century.

    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing your ideas. In this case there are not enough people who are sensitive enough to understand the problem. Than is so pathetic. I am happy about your positive response.